Making Changes to the Noteworthy Section of a SharePoint Site

The Noteworthy section of a SharePoint site has some interesting functionality. I was recently asked to look into how one might be able to configure this to add/remove entries from this section.

At first, it seemed straight forward enough. I was hoping there would be a call I could make in the JSOM API that would let me affect this area and control the display. Doing a bit of research, I found the following helpful posts:

The first link is an official MS posting on how you add apps to the app catalog. The part that’s relevant highlights a Featured checkbox that allows you to control whether or not this new app appears in the Noteworthy section of the App Catalog.

If you want the app to be listed in the Noteworthy content view of the App Catalog, select the Featured check box.

However, it does not address the scenario where you want to add your own custom list template or list definition to the Noteworthy content view.

That’s where the second link comes in handy. Stephen wrote a great post outlining how you can make this change via Javascript. Check out his blog in the second link above for details, but I’ve summarized the code below:

var m = SP.Storefront.StorefrontApp.get_currentView();

So some clarifying points:

  1. The object $L_3 is an array that contains all the possible list templates you can choose to add to the Noteworthy section.
  2. The $2i_3 array contains the list templates currently on display in the Noteworthy section.

So the idea is, you need to push to the $2i_3 array an item that exists in the $L_3 array. That’s what the code above is essentially doing. If you run that logic in the console, you should see a new item appear in the Noteworthy section. I’ve included the below screenshot to highlight this a bit better.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 6.59.02 PM

As outlined in Stephen’s post, this works well, except for the minute you refresh the page. The change you made disappears because it doesn’t persist past the refresh.

To get around this, you’ll need to embed this code in a Javascript file, that runs and executes as required. You’ll also want to be a bit smarter about locating the item in the $L_3 array. Referencing position 6 in the index will not be consistent. You may want to do a search for the list template Title or something a little more reliable. I’ll probably look into doing that in the next month or so and will update this post.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 12.12.38 PM

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  1. Shaan May 26, 2015 at 10:40 pm #

    have you figured out how to implement the JS file in the page and locating the item in the $L_3 array ?


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