SharePointWeekly – What it is and why you should sign up!

I thought I’d do a quick post for the visitors of my blog on a new initiative by SharePoint Nick called SharePoint Weekly.

So what is SharePoint Weekly. Well, as Nick describes it, it’s “a free, once weekly email round up of SharePoint news and articles.” If you’re like me at all, you really struggle with keeping up to date with all that goes on in a given day surrounding SharePoint. It’s so overwhelming at times, that I could easily spend my entire day reading through blogs and new content just to keep up with it all. I could repeat this every single day, that’s how quickly evolving this community is! At Black Ninja, we’re a bit unique, because we run an Apple shop, using VMWare Fusion to drive our Windows/SharePoint VMs and we are heavy into iOS and Ruby on Rails development. We’ve come to really love and absolutely rely on the weekly updates available in the iOS, Ruby on Rails and Javascript communities. I feel in some ways, the SharePoint side has been lacking a bit when it comes to this type of service.

For example, on the Ruby side, we have so many wonderful weekly podcasts and round ups for content. We’ve even sponsored some of them:

  • Ruby5 – Great 5 minute round up of all things Ruby for the week.
  • Ruby Weekly – Another great example, and very similar to the SharePoint Weekly format.
  • Javascript Weekly – Weekly updates on the javascript world.

I’m a huge fan of this idea, and I’m sure Nick would appreciate any feedback or ideas the community might have on making this service even better. I’m open to supporting it in anyway we can as well. I think what would also be interesting to see is if the SharePoint Weekly concept will need to be broken down further into different categories, such as SharePointDevWeekly, or SharePointAdminWeekly, etc.

So take a minute and sign up here:

Thanks Nick for taking the time out to set this up and maintain it weekly.

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