Content Deployment Errors in SharePoint 2010

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently with SharePoint 2010 and the Content Deployment/Content Scheduling features, and it seems to me that not a whole lot has changed. According to the official Microsoft 2010 “Content deployment overview“, we still have to watch out for the following:

1. Always deploy to an empty site collection for the initial content deployment job – It doesn’t appear to be sufficient anymore to use the blank site template. The recommendation now is to use the <Select template later> option we now see under the Custom tab. I prefer to use the following powershell command:

New-SPSite -Url "http://silvermoon" -OwnerAlias "silvermoonjoeuser" -OwnerEmail ""

That will create a new site collection without applying a template.

I also wanted to note that I ran into some errors similar to what I had blogged about previously in 2007 (I’m surprised these still continue to be a problem). You can read more about that here. In particular, I was running into one error consistently:

Unable to import folder _catalogs/masterpage/Forms/Page Layout. There is already an object with the Id 62b662s-3344b-332bbs33-a334d-233k in the database from another site collection

I really couldn’t figure out what was causing this error. I had two web applications, with a single site collection in each, and I was creating the destination site collection without a template as prescribed by MS. Turns out, the very first time I created a site collection in my new web application, I had specified a template instead of selecting none. Even though I had deleted and recreated brand new ones several times since then, there were still residual traces of something, hence the error above.

The resolution for me was to detach the content db, and then reattach it. OR, delete my destination web application and start again.

Just wanted to note this for anyone else out there having a similar issue.

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  1. Daisy February 3, 2016 at 5:12 pm #

    If the content database can’t be detached due to other site collections on it, you can add a new content database to the web application, set the maximum number of sites to 1, also set the other content database to limit the maximum number of sites, that way, when you create the site collection, it will automatically go to the new content database. Content Deployment will work then.


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