SharePoint 2010 Keynote Overview

Hi all, I wanted to put together a summary of some of the things I felt were worthy of noting at this mornings SharePoint Conference 2009 Keynote. Not all of these may be 100% accurate, I did my best to jot things down as they were thrown out there. Any questions or comments, feel free to ping me.


  1. No more hand coding web parts, Visual Studio 2010 now has a visual interface for developing web parts
  2. SharePoint navigation is integrated into Visual Studio, so you don’t have to leave VS to browse the contents of your SharePoint site
  3. You can now map folders in Visual Studio to SharePoint so when you deploy, for example, a image library, the files on the file system are transferred into SharePoint for you
  4. One click deploy and debug, it’s no longer a ’10’ click process
  5. New Developer Dashboard that loads on the page so you can debug your solution and review performance factors — You have to run an stsadm command to enable the dashboard, otherwise you won’t see it
  6. Line of Business systems are greatly improved and the connectivity is a lot easier to implement
  7. Built in spell check for draft items
  8. SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 will NOT work with SharePoint 2007
  9. 1,000,000 items to a list or folder, the 2,000 item limit is dead
  10. New Technologies: Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint
  11. New Ribbon interface is context sensitive
  12. Changes, such as page edits, preview live as you make them
  14. Document Sets is a new concept that is being introduced
  15. All Office desktop apps now have a web version. SharePoint item context menu has a new link called View In Browser that opens files in the web version of desktop app
  16. 2010 is 64 bit only, it will not support anything else

New SharePoint Terminology

  1. SharePoint Foundation – replacement for WSS 4.0
  2. SharePoint Server
  3. FAST SharePoint Search
  4. SharePoint for Internet Sites, Standard Edition
  5. SharePoint for Internet Sites, Enterprise Edition
  6. SharePoint ’12’ hive is now ’14’ hive, but referred to as SharePoint Root

Great first day, looking forward to tomorrow! I spent an hour or so working with the hands on labs and I have to say this new version is pretty darn exciting!

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