SD Workflow: Unexpected Error on Server Associating the Workflow

Ran into an issue today with a custom SharePoint Designer workflow activity that I was building. Just to understand the background on this, the steps for deploying a custom activity are:

  1. Deploy dll to the GAC
  2. Drop your .ACTIONS file into the 12 hive TEMPLATEWorkflow folder
  3. Add an authorizedType entry into the web.config: <authorizedType Assembly=”CustomActivity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=07715169a6d99f74″ Namespace=”CustomActivity” TypeName=”*” Authorized=”True” />

After deploying my activity, I attempted to build a workflow utilizing this new functionality and was receiving the following error upon clicking FINISH:

Unexpected Error on Server Associating the Workflow

It’s also important to note that this error was occurring for ALL types of activities, including the ones that were out of the box. So what the heck had I done that was affecting all activities like this? Turns out there was a reference to an older authorizedType from a custom activity we had written that no longer existed in the Workflow folder. By simply removing this authorizedType from the web.config, everything was happy again.

So my advice? Make sure that whatever you’ve got configured under authorizedTypes in your web.config actually exists, otherwise you may encounter this issue.

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