SQL Server Best Practices for SharePoint

If you’re building a production SharePoint environment (or even a development one), it’s probably a good idea to get a handle on the best practices for SharePoint databases stored in SQL Server. It will help to understand some key areas before deployment:

  1. Architecture Recommendations
    • Limit content database size to enhance manageability
    • Configure autogrowth settings
  2. Physical Storage Recommendations
    • Separate and prioritize your data among disks
    • Use multiple data files for large content databases and the SSP search database
      • Use multiple data files for content databases
      • Use multiple data files for the SSP search database
  3. SQL Server recommended practices

Blog do Ezequiel wrote a great article that details all of the above. I’ve simply summarized the key points above, but I encourage you to read his post in length. Microsoft has also published some useful resources on this topic (which Ezequiel talks about). I find the following link to be particularly useful:

Planning and Monitoring SQL Server Storage for Office SharePoint Server: Performance Recommendations and Best Practices (white paper)

If anyone has any recommendations for other useful resources pertaining to this topic, please let me know and I’ll include it above and credit your contribution.


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