Removing a Form Template from Central Admin Generates Error

Sometimes, when I attempt to remove a form template that was deployed as an administrator approved template, I run into issues. If you’ve ever received the error below, then you’ll have to use stsadm to remove the feature that is associated with that particular form template.

This form template was deployed as part of the FT-01-f97dd99b-7ea7-1c56-25e5-eddf7ff6099b feature. This form template should be removed only by uninstalling that feature.


stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id idoffeature -force
stsadm -o uninstallfeature -id f97dd99b-7ea7-1c56-25e5-eddf7ff6099 -force

To determine the id, navigate to the

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TEMPLATEFEATURESFT-01-f97dd99b-7ea7-1c56-25e5-eddf7ff6099b

and locate the feature.xml file. The id will be located inside of this file.

The InfoPath team blog has a great post on becoming a better template administrator:
Behind the Scenes of Administrator-Approved Form Templates


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